10,000 Buddhas Temple, Hong Kong

Four Hundred and thirty one steps later, I finally reached the 10,000 Buddhas Temple. Gold statues of Buddha helped guide me during the steep trek up the mountain. The statues were very expressive and were painted with a coating of gold. They illuminated the path leading up to the monastery. Once I reached the top, the view was defiantly worth it. This beautiful monastery overlooks the city of Sha Tin and is surrounded by lush bamboo trees. 

As I explored the premises, I spotted the preserved corpse of Reverend Yuet Kai. He sat cross legged behind a glass enclosure. Yuet was the founder of the Monastery and even helped during the construction by carrying bricks and other materials up the mountain. 

I bought myself a a bracelet made of Iolite stone and participated in the ancient Buddhist practice of Kau Chim. 

It was a very enlightening day.

Love & Light!


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