Gessi's Blog

  1. Meet Meelo and Ananas

    2014-06-11 19:32:00 UTC
    Meet Meelo and Ananas!  They are a pair of siblings from the Toronto Cat Rescue that are crashing on my couch until they find a place to call their forever home. They are super sweet and social and all they want to do is play! Meelo is the orange kitten…

  2. Winter in Baldushk, Albania

    2014-03-05 17:27:00 UTC
    This winter I spent some time exploring the village of Baldushk in Albania. What I love about this village is the fresh air and the nature that sounds the area. I hiked through the rolling hills and enjoyed the breathtaking views and greenery all around. It was peaceful and perfect…

  3. Luna and Rose

    2014-01-03 20:50:00 UTC
    Luna and Rose are two very special kitties from the Toronto Cat Rescue.  The were rescued from a hoarding situation where their owner was living with hundreds of cats in her tiny home. TCR stepped in and rescued these little souls and I was lucky enough to share my home…

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