Gessi's Blog

  1. Art Shoot

    02 Jun 2013
    Today was an artsy day I shot an artistic portrait series of my long time friend Victoria. She is a Hong Kong based artist who went to school with me at York University for Visual Arts, in Toronto. My vision was to capture her unique personality and integrate it with…

  2. Kittens!

    20 May 2013
    Back in 2011 I started photographing adoptable cats and kittens for Toronto Cat Rescue. TCR is a non-profit organization that fosters cats and kittens until they are able to find their forever home. There is no real animal shelter, but a group of devoted volunteers, like myself, who open their…

  3. Bollywood Girls

    17 Apr 2013
    I’ve always been fascinated by the glam of Bollywood. The colours, the fashion and music are just a few of the many things that inspire me about South Asian culture. Jeena, Summun and Zahra joined me at my studio to create some Bollywood inspired photos. Wearing traditional dresses and jewelry…

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