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  1. Bikaner Miniature Art, Bikaner India

    15 Oct 2012
    My friend and I visited Bikaner Miniature Arts Shop in the small town of Bikaner, India. I was fascinated by the intricate artwork carved on camel bone and tiny detailed paintings made on fine paper.  The artists of the shop are Shiv and Rajan Swami. They are extremely talented!  An…

  2. Streets of Kota, India

    14 Oct 2012
    After visiting the Animal Clinic, I walked around the streets of Kota and met many wonderful local children. The young boys were eager to catch my attention and pose for photographs. They were so much fun to be around! The town was preparing for a holiday celebration and a clay…

  3. Animal Hospital, Kota India

    13 Oct 2012
    I had a two night stop over in a small Indian village named Kota. The morning after a long sleep, I ventured out into the town and stopped by the local veterinary hospital. For the first time, I witnessed a cow become artificially inseminated. The vets in training made room…

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