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  1. A Day Trip at the Royal Ontario Museum

    2017-02-23 01:38:00 UTC

    Love & Light! Gessi

  2. Orphaned Kitten

    2016-12-27 17:37:00 UTC

    Love & Light! Gessi

  3. Spring in Las Vegas!

    2016-12-23 20:53:00 UTC

    Love & Light! Gessi

  4. Santorini Animal Welfare Association

    2016-08-03 19:03:22 UTC

    During my many visits to Santorini, Greece, I volunteered at a local animal refuge. The name of the refuge is SAWA (Santorini Animal Welfare Association). I spent my time walking dogs to the beach, photographing and socializing them. I became familiar with many of the dogs at the shelter. The…

  5. Meet Meelo and Ananas

    2014-06-11 19:32:00 UTC

    Meet Meelo and Ananas!  They are a pair of siblings from the Toronto Cat Rescue that are crashing on my couch until they find a place to call their forever home. They are super sweet and social and all they want to do is play! Meelo is the orange kitten…

  6. Streets of Hong Kong

    2012-10-04 23:32:00 UTC

    It’s my first trip to Hong Kong and so far, I am having a great time. I tasted many different food and even tried some new delicacies. For the first time, I tried Abalone and Goose. Both were delicious! I also ate my first Hong Kong crispy waffle-esque street snack…

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