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  1. A Day Trip at the Royal Ontario Museum

    2017-02-23 01:38:00 UTC

    Love & Light! Gessi

  2. Boudoir Shoot

    2017-02-23 01:28:23 UTC

    A boudoir shoot at the King Edward Hotel with the lovely Lila. Love & Light! Gessi

  3. Shivana

    2017-01-06 14:44:00 UTC

    Love & Light! Gessi

  4. Buddhas and Orchids! Phuket, Thailand

    2016-12-27 23:39:00 UTC

    Love & Light! Gessi

  5. Baray Villas, Phuket Thailand

    2016-12-27 22:24:00 UTC

    Love & Light! Gessi

  6. Exploring Oia

    2016-12-27 21:48:00 UTC

    Love & Light! Gessi

  7. Winter Ballerina

    2016-12-27 21:31:00 UTC

    Love & Light! Gessi

  8. Ingonish, Nova Scotia Canada

    2016-12-27 21:02:00 UTC

    Love & Light! Gessi

  9. Cabot Trail, Nova Scotia Canada

    2016-12-27 20:09:00 UTC

    Love & Light! Gessi

  10. Alexander Graham Bell Museum, Nova Scotia

    2016-12-27 19:48:00 UTC

    Love & Light! Gessi

  11. Ayelet & Howard

    2016-12-27 18:47:00 UTC

    Love & Light! Gessi

  12. Orphaned Kitten

    2016-12-27 17:37:00 UTC

    Love & Light! Gessi

  13. Peggy’s Cove, Nova Scotia Canada

    2016-12-23 21:45:00 UTC

    Love & Light! Gessi

  14. Spring in Las Vegas!

    2016-12-23 20:53:00 UTC

    Love & Light! Gessi

  15. Ryan and Bianca’s Wedding

    2016-12-23 04:56:00 UTC

    They chose a beautiful venue at the Deer Creek Golf Course in Whitby, Ontario. Love & Light! Gessi

  16. Michelle and Vitaly’s Wedding

    2016-12-23 03:56:00 UTC

    It was my first time photographing a traditional Russian wedding and I had a wonderful time! There was live entertainment, dancing and enough Vodka and food to last the entire year.  Love & Light! Gessi

  17. Santorini Summer

    2016-12-22 21:21:00 UTC

    Love  & Light! Gessi

  18. Dajt, Albania

    2016-12-22 20:46:00 UTC

    Cable Cars, Bunkers, Forest and Gorgeous Sunsets! On top of Daijt Mountain in Tirana, Albania Love & Light! Gessi

  19. Santorini Animal Welfare Association

    2016-08-03 19:03:22 UTC

    During my many visits to Santorini, Greece, I volunteered at a local animal refuge. The name of the refuge is SAWA (Santorini Animal Welfare Association). I spent my time walking dogs to the beach, photographing and socializing them. I became familiar with many of the dogs at the shelter. The…

  20. Antelope Canyon and Monument Valley, USA

    2016-07-03 00:31:00 UTC

    Here are some of my photos from a road trip I took to Monument Valley and Antelope Canyon, USA Love & Light! Gessi

  21. Local Kids Meet the Animals at SAWA

    2015-12-15 21:16:00 UTC

    I spent some time volunteering at SAWA in Santorini and grew attached to some of the dogs who were waiting to be adopted. One in particular was Keira. She is a border collie mix that was found chained up. She was rescued by a dedicated volunteer named Renata and soon…

  22. TCR Adoptathon

    2015-12-15 20:35:00 UTC

    Here are various shots of adoptable cats from the Toronto Cat Rescue Adoptathons. Love & Light! Gessi

  23. Jonathan and Cassandra Engagement Shoot

    2015-09-10 20:23:00 UTC

    I spent the day photographing Jonathan and his fiance Cassandra in and around their home in Brampton, Ontario. There was a guest of honor at the shoot and his name is Boomer. Boomer is Cassandra’s Chihuahua/Jack Russel mix and he made an appearance during outdoors portion the shoot. He posed…

  24. Ryan and Bianca Engagement Shoot

    2015-07-28 20:13:00 UTC

    I had the pleasure of shooting Bianca and Ryan’s engagement photos at Guildwood Park in Scarborough, ON. They were both very kind and easygoing to work with and we took some amazing shots in a short span of time! The location was beautiful and the sun was shining. It couldn’t…

  25. Fashion Crimes

    2014-07-01 21:55:00 UTC

    I shot two creative fashion collaborations for my series “Fashion Crimes”. Both shoots involved a femme fatale committing a crime, while wearing an outfit that was considered a “fashion crime” at some point in time. I had so much fun working with the models Sarah, Ashley and John Ross and…

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