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  1. Boudoir Shoot

    23 Feb 2017

    A boudoir shoot at the King Edward Hotel with the lovely Lila. Love & Light! Gessi

  2. Local Kids Meet the Animals at SAWA

    15 Dec 2015

    I spent some time volunteering at SAWA in Santorini and grew attached to some of the dogs who were waiting to be adopted. One in particular was Keira. She is a border collie mix that was found chained up. She was rescued by a dedicated volunteer named Renata and soon…

  3. Luna and Rose

    03 Jan 2014

    Luna and Rose are two very special kitties from the Toronto Cat Rescue.  The were rescued from a hoarding situation where their owner was living with hundreds of cats in her tiny home. TCR stepped in and rescued these little souls and I was lucky enough to share my home…

  4. Mother and Child

    24 Nov 2013

    I had a fun time shooting my first Maternity series with these beautiful expectant mothers!  Love & Light! Gessi

  5. Art Shoot

    02 Jun 2013

    Today was an artsy day I shot an artistic portrait series of my long time friend Victoria. She is a Hong Kong based artist who went to school with me at York University for Visual Arts, in Toronto. My vision was to capture her unique personality and integrate it with…

  6. Animal Hospital, Kota India

    13 Oct 2012

    I had a two night stop over in a small Indian village named Kota. The morning after a long sleep, I ventured out into the town and stopped by the local veterinary hospital. For the first time, I witnessed a cow become artificially inseminated. The vets in training made room…

  7. Agra, India

    11 Oct 2012

    Today was my first official day in India. After a very long commute, I finally arrived in one piece. My friend and I checked into our hotel in Delhi and we arranged with our driver to take us to Agra for the day. It took a few hours by car…

  8. Arabesque

    12 Apr 2012

    I’ve always been fascinated by Arabic culture. I love the music, the food and architecture and fashion. When I had the opportunity to do a photo shoot with Leila,  I chose to experiment Arabic inspired makeup on her beautiful complexion. I used bold colours and dramatic lighting to emphasize her…

  9. My First Post

    28 Sep 2011

    Welcome to the new and improved site for Gessi Photography! This is my first blog post and I’d like to welcome everyone who’s stopped by to visit :)  Please feel free to explore the new site. I will be posting blogs as often as I can, with the latest updates…

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