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  1. Cabot Trail, Nova Scotia Canada

    2016-12-27 20:09:00 UTC

    Love & Light! Gessi

  2. TCR Adoptathon

    2015-12-15 20:35:00 UTC

    Here are various shots of adoptable cats from the Toronto Cat Rescue Adoptathons. Love & Light! Gessi

  3. Fashion Crimes

    2014-07-01 21:55:00 UTC

    I shot two creative fashion collaborations for my series “Fashion Crimes”. Both shoots involved a femme fatale committing a crime, while wearing an outfit that was considered a “fashion crime” at some point in time. I had so much fun working with the models Sarah, Ashley and John Ross and…

  4. Meet Meelo and Ananas

    2014-06-11 19:32:00 UTC

    Meet Meelo and Ananas!  They are a pair of siblings from the Toronto Cat Rescue that are crashing on my couch until they find a place to call their forever home. They are super sweet and social and all they want to do is play! Meelo is the orange kitten…

  5. Film Noir

    2013-12-13 21:17:00 UTC

    I’ve always been drawn to Film Noir and dramatic harsh lighting. I finally decided to test my skills and create a series of Film Noir inspired photos. The series was inspired by the mystery and elegance of Femme Fetales in Hollywood Film.  Love & Light! Gessi

  6. Agra, India

    2012-10-11 03:16:00 UTC

    Today was my first official day in India. After a very long commute, I finally arrived in one piece. My friend and I checked into our hotel in Delhi and we arranged with our driver to take us to Agra for the day. It took a few hours by car…

  7. Arabesque

    2012-04-12 01:32:00 UTC

    I’ve always been fascinated by Arabic culture. I love the music, the food and architecture and fashion. When I had the opportunity to do a photo shoot with Leila,  I chose to experiment Arabic inspired makeup on her beautiful complexion. I used bold colours and dramatic lighting to emphasize her…

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