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  1. Cabot Trail, Nova Scotia Canada

    27 Dec 2016

    Love & Light! Gessi

  2. TCR Adoptathon

    15 Dec 2015

    Here are various shots of adoptable cats from the Toronto Cat Rescue Adoptathons. Love & Light! Gessi

  3. Fashion Crimes

    01 Jul 2014

    I shot two creative fashion collaborations for my series “Fashion Crimes”. Both shoots involved a femme fatale committing a crime, while wearing an outfit that was considered a “fashion crime” at some point in time. I had so much fun working with the models Sarah, Ashley and John Ross and…

  4. Meet Meelo and Ananas

    11 Jun 2014

    Meet Meelo and Ananas!  They are a pair of siblings from the Toronto Cat Rescue that are crashing on my couch until they find a place to call their forever home. They are super sweet and social and all they want to do is play! Meelo is the orange kitten…

  5. Film Noir

    13 Dec 2013

    I’ve always been drawn to Film Noir and dramatic harsh lighting. I finally decided to test my skills and create a series of Film Noir inspired photos. The series was inspired by the mystery and elegance of Femme Fetales in Hollywood Film.  Love & Light! Gessi

  6. Agra, India

    11 Oct 2012

    Today was my first official day in India. After a very long commute, I finally arrived in one piece. My friend and I checked into our hotel in Delhi and we arranged with our driver to take us to Agra for the day. It took a few hours by car…

  7. Arabesque

    12 Apr 2012

    I’ve always been fascinated by Arabic culture. I love the music, the food and architecture and fashion. When I had the opportunity to do a photo shoot with Leila,  I chose to experiment Arabic inspired makeup on her beautiful complexion. I used bold colours and dramatic lighting to emphasize her…

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