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  1. Exploring Oia

    27 Dec 2016

    Love & Light! Gessi

  2. Peggy’s Cove, Nova Scotia Canada

    23 Dec 2016

    Love & Light! Gessi

  3. Spring in Las Vegas!

    23 Dec 2016

    Love & Light! Gessi

  4. Santorini Summer

    22 Dec 2016

    Love  & Light! Gessi

  5. Dajt, Albania

    22 Dec 2016

    Cable Cars, Bunkers, Forest and Gorgeous Sunsets! On top of Daijt Mountain in Tirana, Albania Love & Light! Gessi

  6. Winter in Baldushk, Albania

    05 Mar 2014

    This winter I spent some time exploring the village of Baldushk in Albania. What I love about this village is the fresh air and the nature that sounds the area. I hiked through the rolling hills and enjoyed the breathtaking views and greenery all around. It was peaceful and perfect…

  7. Elafantastic, Jaipur India

    11 Oct 2012

    Today I spent my day bonding with the elephants at Elafantastic in Jaipur, India. This was my first time being up close to elephants and I was so excited! When I arrived, I introduced myself to an elephant by feeding her bananas. This helped with familiarizing my scent before I…

  8. Streets of Hong Kong

    04 Oct 2012

    It’s my first trip to Hong Kong and so far, I am having a great time. I tasted many different food and even tried some new delicacies. For the first time, I tried Abalone and Goose. Both were delicious! I also ate my first Hong Kong crispy waffle-esque street snack…

  9. 10,000 Buddhas Temple, Hong Kong

    03 Oct 2012

    Four Hundred and thirty one steps later, I finally reached the 10,000 Buddhas Temple. Gold statues of Buddha helped guide me during the steep trek up the mountain. The statues were very expressive and were painted with a coating of gold. They illuminated the path leading up to the monastery…

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