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  1. Arabesque

    12 Apr 2012
    I’ve always been fascinated by Arabic culture. I love the music, the food and architecture and fashion. When I had the opportunity to do a photo shoot with Leila,  I chose to experiment Arabic inspired makeup on her beautiful complexion. I used bold colours and dramatic lighting to emphasize her…

  2. Beach Baby

    01 Oct 2011
    I took my baby, Laika to the beach today. It was his first time stepping on sand and watching the waves roll in. The wind kept blowing his curly hair and he licked his fair share of sand. Overall, he had a blast running around and meeting new friends Love…

  3. My First Post

    28 Sep 2011
    Welcome to the new and improved site for Gessi Photography! This is my first blog post and I’d like to welcome everyone who’s stopped by to visit :)  Please feel free to explore the new site. I will be posting blogs as often as I can, with the latest updates…

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